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Enchanteur Paris Roll On For Women – 50ml


Volume: 50ml

Brand: Enchanteur

Country: Malaysia

Be captivating with ENCHANTEUR PARIS Whitening Anti-Perspirant Roll-on for a captivating fragrance that provides effective 24-hours protection against body odour and perspiration. Formulated with Licorice Extract, it lightens skin for fairer underarms that give you total confidence.

This roll-on is infused with Enchanteur Paris Parfum Anti-Perspirant to leave you feeling captivating and confident with fair and smooth underarms. It has triple whitening action for extra fairness and provides 72hrs odor protection. It has 24 hr antiperspirant protection. It is non-sticky and gentle on skin.

Enchanteur paris is available in three flavours

• Belle Amour Extra Whitening (Pink)

• Adore Whitening & Smoothing (Purple)

• Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing (Yellow)

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