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Kesh King Anti-Hairfall Shampoo – 340ml


Volume: 340ml

Brand: Kesh King

Country: India

Kesh King Ayurvedic shampoo is a proven remedy for hair and scalp problems. It has been made by renowned ayurvedic experts with their extensive experience and rigorous study from aloe vera and 21 rare and precious ayurvedic herbs as per pure and authentic practices of Ayurveda. It nourishes hair from roots and helps in stopping hair fall, dandruff and dry hair making it silky, healthy and beautiful. It penetrates the upper layer of the scalp to go deeper and penetrate into the hair shafts thus providing the right nutrition to the hair and making it strong from inside. Its gentle, herbal fragrance stays with you all day long. Its regular use will reduce hair fall by up to 80% and add volume to your hair.

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