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Nestle Milkybar Moosha – 40g


Volume: 40g

Brand: Nestle

Country: India

Presenting the all new milky bar moosha, with milk and a delightful combination of caramel + nougat. Each bite of the Nestlé milky bar moosha is yummy and chewy. It is a scrumptious treat that you will relish. Extremely flavoursome, the flavours of caramel, nougat and milky bar coating burst with a delightful taste in your mouth, right from the first bite to the last. This pack comes in a 2 to share format, with two bars: one for you and one to share. With milky goodness and delicious filling of caramel and nougat, milky bar moosha is soft and tasty, well suited for vegetarians.

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