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Qwati – 1kg


Volume: 1kg

Brand: Local

Country: Nepal

Qwati is a mixed soup of nine types of sprouted beans. It is a traditional Nepalese dish consumed on the festival of Gun Punhi. Qwati is eaten as a delicacy and for its health benefits and ritual significance. Qwati is known to be a healthy food. They say that it cures cold, cough and is one of the best foods for women in their maternity leave. Since it contains varieties of beans, this recipe is loaded with proteins and thus helps weak/sick people to regain their energy.

Nine varieties of beans are used to make Qwati. The most commonly used ingredients are chana, hariyo kerau, kabuli chana, seto kerau, bakulla, bhatta, rajma, sano bodi and masayang.

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